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Rules La Purito KIDS 2019


Art. 1.- The Purito Kids 2019 is a competitive race in a closed urban traffic circuit and is open to all children between the ages of 5 to 14 years old and not federated.

La Purito Kids 2019 is organized by the Sprint Club Andorra, with the collaboration of the Comú d'Encamp

Art. 2.- The tape cut will be made by the authorities of the Común de Encamp and Joaquim "Purito" Rodríguez at 9:55 p.m. under the exit / Arrival arch located at Av. Prince Benlloch, 20 - Encamp.

The schedules of the tests will be:
• 10:00 p.m. - Race Federated and Unfunded Children - 13 and 14 years - will complete a total of 15 laps.
• 10: 20h - End of the category Children's race.
• 10: 30h - Departure Pre-Benjamins 5 and 6 years (2013 - 2014) 2 laps
• 10: 50h - Benjamins Race 7 and 8 years (2011 - 2012) 4 laps
• 11: 15h – Beginners Race 9 and 10 years (2009 - 2010) 6 laps
• 11: 45h – Alevins Race No Federated 11 and 12 years (2007 - 2008) 8 laps
• 12: 15h - Alevins Race Federated 11 and 12 years (2007 - 2008) 10 laps
• 13: 00h - Award ceremony to the first three boys and girls of each category.

It will be the decision of the President of the Technical Jury, whether or not they join the Federated and non-Federated categories.

Once the first participant arrives by the finish line, the race will end, and the rest of the participants must stop at the same time.

The maximum number of participants will be 50 registered by category.

These hours are approximate, since it will depend on the final participation in each category, and can shorten or extend the hours of the departures.

Art. 3.- Registration rights:
Registration dates will be from January 18 to June 30, 2019 or up to a maximum of 50 participants per category.

Registration fees have a cost of:
• Federated cyclists € 5
• Cyclist NO Federated 5 € + 10 € (day insurance)

Art. 4.- To participate, it is obligatory to be in possession of the corresponding cycling license approved by your Federation, or to subscribe to the day insurance provided by the organization. They are the only valid insurance accepted by the authorities.

Cyclists federated must carry the authorization or permission of their corresponding Federation.

Participation in the test is under the responsibility and at the risk of the participants. The participant at the time of registration states that he is physically fit for the race.
Art. 5.- The inscriptions will be made through the payment to Ticketoci and the returns will be governed according to the rules of its contracting. In the event of a change of ownership, you must notify ticketoci@ticketoci.net electronically, providing all the necessary information of the participant to replace.

Art. 6.- The registration includes, bib number, control chip, medical service, welcome pack, commemorative shirt and participation medal.

Art 7.- The collection of bib will be carried out at the Parc del Prat Gran - Av.Princep Benlloch, s / n - Encamp, from 8:30 a.m. to half an hour before the start of each category.

Every participant must bring the back cover compulsorily and visibly. The cyclist who does not visibly support the number may be excluded from the route by members of the organization or by the judges.

Art. 8.- To collect the number It is COMPULSORY to present the DNI or NIE and the Bicycling license in the event that the insurance proposed by the organization has not been subscribed, it is mandatory to present the paternal authorization (download sheet Annexe) duly signed

Art. 9.- The use of the approved cycling helmet as well as the use of gloves, as well as the developments corresponding to each category, is obligatory.

Art.10.- It is completely forbidden to leave hands when crossing the finish line, this action can lead to the disqualification of the racer by the Technical Jury.

Art. 11.- The circuit will be duly covered by police and volunteers.

Art. 12.- The organization will have, during the development of the career of an ambulance with a doctor.

Art. 13.- The female racers will have to run in the category established by the technical jury

Art. 14.- Feed. Federated children are allowed to exit with the water drum on the bicycle. Feeding is not allowed in the rest of the categories. If it were done, it would be automatically disqualified.


In the event of extreme climatic conditions, the technical jury may decide on the supply.

Art. 15.- Wardrobe. It is mandatory to use the helmet, gloves, socks and bicycle shoes. (Pre-Benjamins, Benjamins, Beginners, Non-federated Alevins and Non-federated Children, if they want, they can wear sports shoes)

Art. 16.- Prizes
Trophies to the 3 first classified Pre-Benjamins boy and girl
Trophies to the first 3 classified Benjamins boy and girl
Trophies to the top 3 classified Beginners boy and girl
Trophies to the first 3 classified boy and girl boys
Trophies to the 3 first classified Alevins and Infantiles boy and girl (non-federated)
Trophies to the 3 first classified children Boy and girl
Trophies to the top 3 classified Children boy and girl (non-federated)

- Medal for all qualified riders.

The podium will be necessary to access with a cyclist dressing room, or club polo.

Art. 17.- Claims
Only the sports directors of the schools will be able to make claims against the referees.

Claims may only be made for transcription or classification errors. It will be the responsibility of the teams that the relatives and companions of the corridors behave correctly in the other participants, teams, organizers, technical jury, federative delegates, etc.

Art. 18.- The race can be done with a road bike or mtb.

Art. 19.- The organization is not responsible for any accident that could be the cause or victim of the participant, who must be covered by the corresponding federal license or accident insurance contracted in the organization in case of not being federated . Nor is it borne in support of the expenses or debts that the participants could incur during the test, nor the losses or breakdowns that could be suffered by bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The participant exempts the organization of any liability for loss or deterioration of personal belongings for any reason.

Art. 20.- The organization reserves the right to make the necessary modifications, when for any reason it deems necessary. The right of admission is also reserved.

Art. 21.- Image rights. Acceptance of this regulation necessarily implies that the participant authorizes the organizers of La Purito KIDS to record all or part of their participation in the same, agrees to be able to use their image for the promotion and dissemination of the image of the race in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.), and assigns all the rights related to its commercial and advertising exploitation that they deem appropriate , without the right to receive any financial compensation. This article is also extensible to photographs.

Art. 22.- The fact of signing up for this race implies the acceptance of this regulation and the resignation of all rights against the organization, renouncing any legal action that may arise from participating in the race.

Art. 23.- The organization will not assume any responsibility if the event is suspended or delayed by reasons of force majeure.

Art. 24.- The participant authorizes the processing and assignment of their data to the organizing and collaborating entities of this event for the purpose of processing the inscription to the race and managing everything related to the participation in the race. It also authorizes the processing and transfer of data to the organizing entities, sponsors and collaborators of this event available at www.puritorodriguez.com/lapurito, for advertising and commercial prospecting purposes, so that these entities can send offers of the products and services that are marketed by any means, including by electronic mail, SMS or any other equivalent electronic means of communication. We inform you that you can exercise your rights of access in front of this entity, rectification, opposition and cancellation of your personal data by contacting Purito Events and its files of the other related entities with La Purito, writing in writing, confirming their identity, at the Customer Service Department, Sant Andreu Street num. 11, block A 2n 1st, AD 500 Andorra la Vella or mail puritoevents@puritoevents.ad