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Safety Measures COVID-19

Next, we will relate the security measures established with the Government of Andorra, which will be mandatory for all participants in La Purito 2020, in order to minimize the risks of the virus spreading.
The organization reserves the right to modify the different points listed below at any time, at the request of the Andorran administration or the organization itself in order to preserve the safety of all.

General elements of personal protection
• Perform frequent hand hygiene both at the beginning of the activity and in its course (washing with soap and water or hydroalcoholic solutions), after any contact and completion of the activity, and before the ingestion of food.

• Avoid touching your nose and eyes with your hands before, during and after the activity, without first hand hygiene.

• Maintain a minimum recommended distance of two meters between people at times when no activity is performed.

• Maintain a physical safety distance of 20 meters when cycling.

• Use a surgical mask or mouthguard as a level of protection in all indoor and outdoor environments, as long as it is below the minimum protection distance. Each participant will have a surgical mask donated by the organization.

• Avoid contact with objects, walkways and work surfaces or areas for collective use.

• Use individual material and do not share objects between people without prior disinfection (sports equipment, mobile phones and any personal object).

• Cover your mouth and nose with disposable handkerchiefs when coughing or sneezing, and then clean your hands.

• If there are symptoms, fever or discomfort days before or on the same day of La Purito, do not come to participate, for the good of the participant and fellow cyclists.

• Come to the exit dressed, fed, changed and prepared for the march, bring clothes to change and wash in the vehicle after the march, there will be no changing rooms or showers at the end of the march.

Collection of bibs
• The collection of bibs will be on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September from 10 am to 8 pm at the Lauredià Cultural Center.
• Only the participant will be able to access the bib number and the participant will not be able to go with the family or companions.
• The use of the mask will be mandatory to access the removal of the bib.
• Hydroalcoholic ice will be provided at the entrance and exit of the venue.
• No jersey changes will be made.
• All material will be delivered individually sealed in an envelope.
• It is important to memorize the assigned number of the number and the assigned table, in order to position oneself in the correct row.
• A photo of the DNI and the license must be carried on the mobile phone, if available, in order to be able to be accredited and if the number of a colleague is also collected.

Departure of the cyclisportive
• It is mandatory to respect the departure time assigned by the organization, which will be as follows:
• Dorsals 1 to 300 Departure from 7 am to 7:20 am
• Dorsals 301 to 600 Departure from 7:21 am to 7:40 am
• Dorsals 601 to 900 Departure from 7:41 am to 8:00 am
• Dorsals 901 to 1200 Departure from 8:01 am to 8:20 am
• Dorsals 3001 to 3100 Departure from 8:20 am to 8:40 am
• Dorsals 2001 to 2250 Departure from 8:41 am to 9:00 am
• Dorsals 2251 to 2500 Departure from 9:01 am to 9:20 am

• It is mandatory to wear a mask and a jersey commemorating the march to access the areas that the organization has enabled as exit drawers, in the event that you do not wear the mask and / or jersey, you will not be able to take the exit.
• The mask must be worn until it passes the exit arch and has a sufficient safety distance.
• For the smooth running of the march, it is necessary to pay attention to the instructions given by the volunteers and staff of the organization.

• The use of a mask in the refreshment area is mandatory.
• The minimum separation of 2 meters must be respected.
• In order to avoid congestion, the instructions of the volunteers who will deliver a bag with all the product must be followed and the participant must move away from the area and look for a space where they can supply and maintain the safety distance from other participants.
• It will not be possible to exchange or share the products or food provided in the refreshment stations.
• La Purito is very respectful of the environment where this year ago a lot of work has been done to generate less waste and therefore less packaging, due to the current situation this year everything will be individually wrapped just as the drink will be with individual bottles, for this reason we call for responsibility in order to use the bins that we have planned in the provisioning area.
• On arrival, a bag with food will be delivered and this must be done in the enabled areas.
• It is the participant’s responsibility to eat food or beverages, other than those provided by the organization that oversees current health regulations.

Companions and audience
• Wear the mask to the passage of the runners.
• It is not advisable to be in the departure, arrival and refreshment areas.
• It is advisable to look for points along the route where there are no other companions in order to avoid congestion.